School (covid 19)

Why I’m writing about Covid 19 is because there is school that is starting again, but with less people. There are gonna be six people on each two days in a row. I go to school on Mondays and Tuesdays and the other six people go to school on Thursdays and Fridays. Wednesdays are having nobody there. In the usual days we have 22 people but now that 10 people are not going we have 12 people going to school now. I think it’s gonna be a hard time for everybody.


Not mine but Grace’s, Tamagotchi. That’s an old thing that she has. She also has a newer one that is also pretty old but you take care of a family, not one person like the old one that’s today’s topic. That one man needs food and school. You can feed it snacks and meals. The person can be sad and get sick. It can play games with you so it get’s it’s exercise. It’s my job to take care of the person because it wakes up at nine and I wake up closest to nine.

The fight

I had a fight with my sister (Gloria) and I really want to ignore her for the rest of my life. I think she should really ignore me as well. I think we should talk to each other from under door notes to be exact. Gloria is at a near by table doing HER homework on her computer. Sometimes I hate Gloria but, I have to still love her because she is part of my family and is my sibling.

MEGA STORY Introduction

I made a story called MEGA STORY. It’s a great story and I just want to give you a heads up about it so you know I will type about it in my blog posts. The characters are Greenie, Blub, Yellon, Reddin, Greenae, Bluby, Yellen, Redden, Dwin and Bwin. The firs four, Greenie, Blub, Yellon and Reddin are the main super heroes. The next four, Greenae, Bluby, Yellen and Redden are the main evil people. Dwin and Bwin are the good guys twins that are going to be introduced in season two. There is an army that the bad guys have and those characters are side characters.

MK8D (2)

Yes it’s about Mario Kart Eight Deluxe. I just love that game and I think it is a really good way to practice your aim. On the online ones everybody starts with 1000 vr and you try to get a bigger amount of vr. It’s possible to get below 1000 too. They have vr for battle mode and v.s mode. The max is 99999 vr. My battle mode vr is 1400 something and my v.s mode vr is also 1400 something.

ACNH (update)

ACNH stands for Animal Crossing New Horizons that I talked about yesterday or in my last blog post. We have five villagers on our island. Their names are Reene, (with a special e) Goose, Lolly, Rex and Freckles. Reene is a Rhino and she is sisterly. Goose is a chicken and is a jock. Lolly is a cat is normal, Rex is a lion that’s  also a jock and Freckles is a duck that is over excited. All this info is from wiki.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

That game is really good. It’s fun and you can only play it on the Nintendo switch. The game came out early this year and it has my favourite character ,and song, Marshall and “Bubble Gum K.K” are the two. In the beginning we had two villagers and now we have four today. Tomorrow we will get another one so we will have five. It will take four days for them to come and get ready because they have to unpack.

Hard Life

I have a hard life, but come to think of it… everybody has a hard life. Let me tell you types of people who have a hard life for example, people who have autism have the disability to understand people better and  people who have cancer feel pain all the time. Even people who don’t have any of those or other disabilities have a hard life, like me! My sisters have a hard life dealing with me their much younger brother, one is almost 20 and the other is almost 17.

Human fall flat

Human fall flat is a game that you can play on computers on steam. I don’t have a steam account but my sisters do. I first knew the game from watching youtubers. Then yesterday and a time before that my sisters and two of my cousins played that game. I watched them play it and it was really funny… hahahaha. Basically in the all you do is hold onto stuff and jump, and do the obstacle course.


The title stands for “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” that I talked about a few posts ago. I love that game because it is really fun and I get to play online with people I do not know. I won two rounds of shine thief at the battle course “WuHu town”. Shine thief is when all 12 people or less charge for the shine, and they all aim for one man that has the shine. You have to keep it for twenty seconds, but not all at once.