My 9th Birthday

Yesterday was my 9th birthday. I am really happy to turn nine and remove the booster seat later. I’m happy to be doing some stuff that don’t include the booster seat. I love being older one year. I like to eat my moms cheese cake that she makes with stuff that we buy from other places. I like to smash all the cookies so we can use it to put on the bottom of the cake. I also like to decorate the cheese cake.

My Fifth Tooth Out and About My nieces b-day

I got my fifth tooth out yesterday. I pulled it out by myself again. I stabbed myself with the tooth while I was wiggling it. Yesterday was also my niece’s birthday, she turned three and is named Charlotte! Her birthday is April 24, but yesterday it was the 23rd. It’s like that because she lives in China and China days are actually one more than Canada. I became her uncle when I was six years old so she’s six years younger.


P.S I’m not gonna write about school. I changed my mind

Isolating With Grace

When I’m isolating at home because of COVID-19, I’ve been spending time with my family. We played mahjong, find 24, Scrabble and Tetris 99. We watched kkw, took walks, learned how to bike, played UNO, ate HOT POT and went on school websites.

Instead of going to school, schools have been putting websites for the kid to go on so it’s still school. For example, I’ve been going on websites called “Epic books” and “Play Prodigy”.

What me and my sisters found funny was to say every single word with a b instead of the real letter, like word will turn into bord or love will turn into bove, sadly butter is just butter. 

P.S Next post will be about school.

Grace’s Welcome Back

It’s been a few days since I typed a blog post. I did not type because I was to busy spending time together with Grace. When Grace arrived at the airport she did not know my mom and I went there to get her as well because we did not tell Grace that we were coming. She was very surprised. She got a Nintendo Switch recently from dad and is very happy. Now Grace, Gloria\ my sisters and I can play our favourite game Tetris 99. We can also play asphlat legends\9 a driving game that I really like. I love my sister a lot.