Grace is coming back

Grace is coming back today! Her plane will land around nine forty-five. Only dad will go to the airport to get her because we have a wild virus called the caronavirus that’s going on and they recommend you to be icealating in your house or just not going outside in other ways. I made a welcome back card for Grace and our parents got a surprise for her that she will definitely share with me and my sister.


I eat snacks all the time. I think they’re very necessary since there is only three meals a day. Everyday when I’m on the computer I eat at least one snack during the time I’m using this. I like that because I like eating food. I hope you like eating snacks!


My life is a not so good life. I have to eat things I don’t like for dinner at least six times a week for usual weeks not all the time for breaks. There are games in life that are related to a real life in real life, like life monopoly.


Everybody likes winning in a game. Right? I do, but some people don’t have sportsmanship, like they brag when they win. I either say “good game”, “better luck next time” or “I’m proud of myself for winning a game”. I won four ti,es today from playing the game I talked about last time.


It’s a really cool game and it’s from Asia. My parents taught the game to me and my sister. I think it’s a little confusing but very fun. I won once, dad won twice and Gloria won once as well. I want to play it again with Grace when she comes back.


I like to watch stuff on youtube. I don’t watch cartoons but I do watch youtubers lay minecraft. I love their videos because they’er fun to watch and they’er boring in some ways so I can skip and I don’t have to spend so much time on screens. I even made a book about them!