The Walk 1

I am gonna talk about my walk in the mall with my sister and my dad. After this blog I will do a story called The Walk. We went to the mall and ate lunch. i ate A and W with my sister. My dad ate rice and meat. Dad bought me a hat and bought Gloria a shirt!!!!!!!!!!!

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I play a series of games called Forza Horizon. In the last two games there are toy places to race in. In the third game they have Hot Wheels. The Hot Wheels place has massive plastic orange tracks and dinosaurs. They have loops, jumps and other racers. In the fourth game they have Lego Speed Champions. You build your house and other things like cars. In order to build you have to collect bricks, and in order to do that you do races and missions. You can pin a race or mission to do. They have Lego trees,flowers,fences,buildings and people. There is a stunt park and a city. The city has a river that goes through it. There is a desert and a race track!!!!!!!!

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I watch videos on Youtube. Youtube has all sorts of videos. They have video game videos, music videos and normal videos. I have been watching videos for a long time. I started watching when I got my blog. I normally watch video game videos on Youtube and I watch normal videos!!!!!!!!!!

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I am very sad. I’m sad because mom is going to America to take care of her mom. We cried when it was time to say goodbye. She is gonna be gone for two weeks, that means I have to spend two weeks with dad and one of my sisters Gloria!!!!!!!!!

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The presents I got for Christmas are really cool. I opened a marble set, the Sorry board game and the three in one lego set. The three in one lego set has a boat and two cars. I built one car and the car that I built was a Buggati!!!!!!!!!!

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I AM SO HAPPY!! I am happy because today is Christmas. I got so many things I wanted. I got a three in one lego play set. a board game called Sorry, a New York puzzle with The Marvel bases and I got two marble sets. I built one marble set today, it is called The Crankster. I got a small TY stuffy that was a minion named Dave. My sister and I got a new water bottle from our parents. We also got the book named Geronimo Stilton and the Dragon of Fortune. I am very close to finishing the book!!!!!!!!

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Today is Christmas eve, the day before Christmas. Today I have to go to church. I have to go there because it’s Jesus’s birthday. My family chose to go at mid-night, so I might be able to open one gift. I had a hard time sleeping last night. It was hard to sleep because I was really excited for Christmas eve. I was excited because I can read a story I wrote from school to my family!!!!!!!!

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WOW! I just got three stars of going the farthest in Forza Horizon 4 for a few times. I never thought I could do that and surprisingly just now I got three stars again. On one jump I got three-hundred-eight meters. It was so fascinating to watch the car soar through the air!!!!!!!!!

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I have been writing blogs for a long time. I wrote them for about two years. I wrote about a lot of things. I wrote songs and just all about things. I wrote about celebrations and stories. It’s very rare for me to get comments on my blogs. I love writing blogs!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh yeah! There are only four more days’till Christmas. I need to hurry because I need to make the things I want to make for dad and mom. The things I make will be very helpful and they will love it! I am really excited for it.[Christmas] See you guys next time!!!!!!!

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