The water cycle

Did I ever tell you about the water cycle. It is so cool. Let me tell you about it, so first comes up evaporation. Evaporation is the sun collecting water from bodies of water. Then there’s condensation, it is basically just clouds. Next comes precipitation, that is when it rains. After it rains there’s collection, it collects water!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like to do math. I started math before I went to school. I am still working on division and times. I brought my math text book home today for homework. I had to look through unit five [fractions] in the book. I was pretty short to look through. Do you like doing math?!!!!!!!!!


DO you guys know what luck is? I sure do! It is things that happen automatically. Like when you win a sports day even tho you weren’t there. I don’t have a lot of good luck in life. I am unlucky. I wish I could be more lucky. Are you lucky?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today was the last day of mad science. It was fun to see all the magical things happen. I was a little surprised with the people’s behavior. I was also surprised with the main teacher not coning for seven out of eight times together. Once the teachers were all sick so it was delayed. We had to fill in for that day!!!!!!!!!!!


My big buddy is named Marco, he is in a french class and is in grade seven. Sometimes I see him on Tuesdays, that’s because he also does prep at Holy Cross. I saw him last Tuesday. He has to do conformation. We read books today at school in my class!!!!!!!!!!


WOW! You will never guess what I am talking about today. My family and I are doing the last but not least puzzle. It is the hardest puzzle they gave us. We finished doing the boarder of the puzzle. Near the end we only had one more piece, but we couldn’t find it! In the end I found it and my mom is still doing the puzzle right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forza Horizon 4 3

I forgot to tell you a lot of thing in Forza Horizon four. Like one thing I forgot to tell you is that you own a house, you can buy more houses and you can change your cloths. You can level up on one type of championship. There are also two different types of wheel spins. One is normal and the other one is very big and I will tell you next time!!!!!!!!!!!

Forza Horizon 4

My family and I went to a mall. My dad and I went to EB games to look at the video games. We looked at the Forza Horizon games. We saw the third game and the fourth game. We looked at the games for a long time. Then at the end we decided to get the fourth Forza Horizon game. It is really cool, tomorrow I will tell you about the game after I play it!!!!!!!!!!!!!