I built a house and a observatory in Minecraft. The house is really big. It has a library that is Gloria’s room. My pet rabbits room.[my rabbit died] My room and Grace’s room, and the jail on the second floor. The dining table and kitchen are close to each other. The living room and My mom’s and dad’s room on the first floor. The observatory is small and bad!!!!!!!!!


I forgot to do something yesterday. I think you already know. I forgot to do my blog. I did not have internet yesterday, but when I got it, it was time for dinner. After dinner I forgot to do my blog because I was playing Forza Horizon 2 and 1. I am sad that I did not do my blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Power’d Heroes

There were three cars who are named Lighter, Awesome and Weird. Lighter is really the one who is the assistant. Weird is… well he’s just weird. Well Awesome is cool and focused. So, one day they were at a car supermarket and they wanted to buy chips, but when they got to the chips section… all of them were mysteriously all gone?