I love to read, its my favorite activity. I like to read chapter books and comics. Geronimo Stiltons books are really cool. I love them as much as eating. Do you like reading?!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wake Up

Every day I wake up in the morning. I wake up at 8:00 or 9:00. Sometimes I wake up at 10:00. I get up and go on the computer!!!!!!!!!!

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Pro D Day

Today is my PRO D DAY! I get to stay at home but the teachers have to work. Lucky me. I get do more fun things at home now. I you like my home better than school!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gloria is really sick

Gloria is sick and she said it is because of ME! I did not make my sister sick, she did it herself. I was sick a few days ago. I am mad at her!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good Teachers

I had three very good teachers, In fact the teacher that I have right now is in the three. They all like me because I am a very nice and helpful person!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mo Williams [Author]

Mo Williams is an  author. He writes a lot of books. He wrote piggie and and Gerald. He wrote Pigeon books!!!!!!!!!!!

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Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo Stiltons books are really cool, I love them. I finished most of the Seasons. GS has a lot of books and now I am reading Thea Stilton!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love rhymes, They are so fun! Hey, why don’t I tell you some. Here it comes cat bat mat rat, mug rug bug, ready steady. There are still many other rhymes. Do you like rhymes as much as I do. My % is 80%. If you do congrats! Vote if you want!!!!!!!!

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Feeling Better

I am still sick but I am Feeling way better than yesterday. Aren’t you glad that I am feeling better, I sure am. I hate being sick!!!!!!!!!

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Good Idea

When you have an idea use it, don’t hide it or pout that you want it to be a different way. I don’t really have ideas. My ideas are bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

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