Ping pong

I do not want to play ping pong next year. I mean, I like to watch people play but I do not want to play myself. I like to watch my sister Gloria play it!!!!!!!!!!!

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Women world cup soccer

The United States have won the women world cup this year or should I say right now. They won with two, zero against the Netherlands. Me and my mom were both cheering for the United States. Next year soccer will be in America!!!!!!!!!

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I have plenty of secrets. They are kept to myself and no body will know my secrets. It is all to myself, and you have your secrets too!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love pizza because it is cheesy and crusty. My  favorite type of pizza is cheese pizza. I do not like mushroom pizza and Hawaiian pizza. Pepperoni pizza is okay to me, but it is not the best choice for me. Pizza is from Italy. I love pizza very much!!!!!!!!

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