is a coding game. You can play it if you search I hope I finish all the courses this year!!!!!!!!!!!

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Today it was pouring. My socks got wet so then my feet got wet. So, I changed cloths. It was very wet!!!!!!!!!!

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End of year

Tomorrow is the last day of school. I am sad to leave my friends and stay home like always. I am bored of that!!!!!!!!!!

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I am safe because Nobody like me, which is good, very good. I am really happy but I wanna help him!!!!!!!!!!!

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Support the earth

Hey guys, do not litter or kill the earth. Recycle all plastics and paper, save water, save electricity and help the earth. Make sure other people support the gigantic earth and make sure you will. I will save the earth with you. I hope the earth will be alive and healthy!!!!!!!!!!!

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I HATE WORK! It is okay if I do two subjects instead o four. I have to do four subjects today, and that is going to take a while!!!!!!!!!

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Mom is watching lady’s soccer live right now and it is in France. The teams are Australia and Norway!!!!!!!!!

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Today we are going to talk about my name. My name is Gabriel and it is a very nice name to me. I love it. Do you?

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I am feeling better because I went to the Emergency area and they made me feel better. I was like WOW after they finished. I am happy to be feeling better, now that I am!!!!!!!!!

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I am sick and five hours ago I went to the emergency place. I was feeling better very fast. I went to the same room three times already and this time I went there is a very far distance of going to the same room!!!!!!!!!!

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