Dragon Masters

Dragon Master books are really good for you to read. They are FULL OF ADVENTURE! The main character is named “Drake”,his friends are named “Bo”,”Rori”,and “Ana”. His dragon is named “Worm”,the dragon is an earth dragon. There are thirteen books of dragon masters. Did you know, that the sun dragon is born with an moon dragon, so a moon dragon is twins with the sun dragon that was born with him/her!!!!!!!!!

Mother Natures B-day Chapter 2 A Boy Named Aiden

At the end of the school day Gerald,Patrick, and Gloria went to the school park and they had a small meeting. When Patrick arrived he met a boy named Aiden. Aiden was a smart boy. Aiden said “Excuse me who are you”. Patrick said”I am Patrick, do you have a present for your mother”? Aiden nodded with a smile. Patrick said” Well good because I do not have anything for my mother”. Aiden said” Well I can help you”.




To be Continued