Today at recces I was super duper bored, so you know what I did? I sat a t my class with my friend!!!!!!!!

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8 year old

Hi I am now eight years old. Yesterday was my birthday. I was born at 9:00 clock. I got two Lego sets, one was a Minecraft Lego set and the other was a play set from The Lego Movie 2!!!!!!!!!!

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Holly communion 1

Tomorrow is my Holly communion,I am not ready. Today we are going to practice it. I have a few friends there!!!!!!!

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I am done with soccer. Today is the true real day. I am so done. I will play something else!!!!!!!!

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Quit Soccer

I QUIT SOCCER FOREVER! I am serious. It is real, I am never joining back. I’v had enough!!!!!!!!!

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I AM VERY MAAAAAAAAAAD! Do you know why? It is because of someone that hit me super hard on my hand. It hurt a lot!!!!!!!!

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Today I will tell you how much I love Youtube. I LOVE IT! There are a lot of videos on Youtube!!!!!!!!

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WOW, Minecraft is the best game ever. It is so good, and I love it!!!!!!!!

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wood pecker

Today a wood pecker was pecking on my chimney. It was really fast. My mom told me that on the way home from school. I was laughing!!!!!!!

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Wait what?

Hi today I was surprised in soccer today, Do you know why? It is because the points is a tie, zero zero!!!!!!!!!

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