Woodpecker,Dad’s Birthday and Puzzle

Yesterday when I was waiting for mom to get  a puzzle we saw a woodpecker. When mom and I were outside dad finished his lunch. Then My dad went outside to take a video. When I was doing the puzzle I put two pieces together right away. I actually put lots of pieces together. Today is dads birthday. Me and my family made a small magazine for dads cards. We each got two pages. I made a drawing. But I do not have a present for him. Dad is sleeping right now so we can still work for a little,But we are actually done!!!!!!

Mad Soccer

Today I had a terrible horrible no good very bad day because the other soccer team was cheating in soccer. They cheated by hitting the ball out of the goalies hands which happened to me. They also cheated when my best friend was going to score. Do you know why,it was because when he kicked the ball the other teams player  closed the net!!!!!!!!