What is family day

What is family day? Any ideas I do. Family day is about spending time with your family!!!!!!!!!

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Stand up

You should stand up for people that need help because someone is being mean to them. You know why because the person in need are going to be sad or mad or even lonely!!!!!!!!!!!

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I do not like veggies with mushrooms like dad does a lot. But I do like watching dad play his game. I like eggs and tomato!!!!!!!!

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My mom is the best mom ever. Do you know why? I do because she is. I love it when she helps me do my projects. I need a mom. If mom did not have me she would not have dad!!!!!!!!

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Hey you know how you can eat or cook chickens, well you know now. Did you know that chickens taste very good. Chickens can be cooked with vegetables. I love the taste when we put vegetables with chicken. I do want you to like chickens. If you want more blogs about food you can count on me because the next blog about food is gonna be tofu!!!!!!!

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Hey bud do you know what I play at school ? I play Manhunt,grounders,different kinds of tag and games me and my friends make up. I love playing games I make up!!!!!!!!!

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At school we are on working on a project that is about crayons. We write a letter from your crayon and write a letter from you to your crayon. You have to pick a colour of your crayon. Only one colour of a crayon. You write how the crayon is feeling. You pick sad,happy or he is an okay crayon. I like the project!!!!!!

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Snow build

You can build anything out of snow. I can build a maze or a fort. You can make yourself  a snow man that is your version. I love to make LARGE things out of snow!!!!!!!!

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Cool things

Do you want to know what are cool things.  A cardboard play set or anything with cardboard that you build is cool. I love to play with things I make. Sometimes you can build cool things not just with snow and cardboard!!!!!!

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what I play at school …

You know what I play at school  snow ninjas. I made the game up. I play it with three other people. We are in season eleven. We want to be in season thirty. I hope I get there with my friends. I love the game that I made up!!!!!!!!!

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