Today I got root beer and fries after school when I was on the car. I loved it. Today I also did a puzzle!!!!!!

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Siense world

I went on a feild trip to siense world with my school class. We watched a movie called dream BIG.

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Loyed is a ninja. He is the leader and the strongest. I love that character. He becomes the golden ninja!!!!!!!

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I love to play. Play play play PLAY!!!! Do you guys like playing? I do not know. Do you?!!!!!!!!!!

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There are lots of ways of using the word you. like I love you , how are you? Like I said lllllloooooooooootttttttsssssss of ways!!!!!!!

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I love school but today I was bored at school. I was surprised because I normally do not do that!!!!!!!

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I love singing because I like to sing. It is a little bit boring to some people!!!!!!!!!!

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WOW today I had lots and lots of fun. I did not have a good time at school today. I wish I would have a good day!!!!!!!!

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I hate to solve problems you know why. It is because some problems are just your problem not any one else’s problem.

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Today at school I shared my snow man. I made my snow man into Clay from Nexo knights.

I team worked with my mom. I did all the planing and my mom was drawing stuff. We both coloured!!!!!!!!!!

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