I have NO idea what to write so I’m gonna write about random things. Going to write anything that slips into my mind right now.

MY BROWIES! I made them by reading the instructions. I got help from my mom and the rest I did by myself. Gloria left after she made me get annoyed so that’s her problem, not mine. It is very thick and I don’t want to eat it because it’s to sweet.

Games are so much fun when people can play the levels YOU made. I made seven levels in Super Mario Maker two and I uploaded them online so my sister, in Toronto can play them. I send her one levels id so she can go to my account so she can play the rest of the levels.

Books are so much fun to read. I like to read romance, adventure, death and mystery books. (you might already know that)  I am currently reading a series of books called “Warriors”. I really like the series, it’s about wild cats who live in groups and hunt for themselves and fight other groups of cats. There are pet cats and loner who live on their own.

Also, I read the number devil a few days ago from a library. It’s a good book. Mainly because I think the number devil character is like my sister Grace and I am the kid who is learning from the number devil.

Last topic of the day, Animal crossing new horizons is all well so now I’ll be seeing you. 😀

Video games that let you build

My sister and I recently bought a game together. It was a game that was on sale and I paid half of it and she paid for the other half. It’s called “Super Mario Maker 2” and you can play online and publish levels. Playing online just get’s you to play random peoples levels. Yesterday I played online and won on one level and that one was just mining to the destination.

I’m not very good at making levels. I tried but couldn’t get the hang of it. I’ll probably try later today. You can have five game themes. Three classics and two newer.

Grace’s island

Guess what? My sister got Animal Crossing New Horizons on her switch lite. I helped her out yesterday, by giving her ten of each fruit ( peach, pear, orange and cherry) except the one she has on her island (apple). I also gave her 30 iron nuggets so she can build a shop.

She came to my island and I went to her island to help her get her weeds. She has two villagers a tiger and a cat. The tiger’s name is Leonardo and the cat’s name is Katt. I like how her island is, her house isn’t to far away from the villager houses.